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Let’s Try This Again

We haven’t updated this site for a few years because we focused on in-person services and other posts on social media. We will use both in 2023. Currently, most of our communications are through Facebook @ As we head… Continue Reading →

Introduction to our next study!

Next week we will start a study on Paul’s last written words. Tonight’s study will serve as a transition from our study of Holiness to our study on being Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ. Read the attachment below. I pray… Continue Reading →

Living a Holy Life Lesson 4

The blue link below contains our last study in this series. I pray God helps you overcome the perils of perusing holiness with the great promises of his favor. If you’s like to discuss what you have learned, please call… Continue Reading →

Living a Holy Life Lesson 3

Tonight’s lesson discusses progressive Holiness. It starts by explaining how Jesus Christ causes all who believe to become holy. Then it answers some of the tough questions like, “Can I lose my salvation”? This study helps the reader understand how… Continue Reading →

A Holy Life Lesson 2

This lesson helps us discover that righteous actions do not make us Holy. Holiness with God leads us to right actions. If you struggle in faith, trying to be all that God made you to be, contemplate the many aspects… Continue Reading →

A Holy Life

Sticky post

Do you struggle with the Christian life?  Do you wonder what it’s all about?  Does it seem like this faith “thing” only works for super-Christians and somehow, we are in the lesser category, perhaps the loser category. 🙂  Let me reassure you,… Continue Reading →

Do God’s promises apply to me?

The Call of Gideon

Wed Night Study: May 6th 2020 Here is our study for Wednesday May 6th 2020. Click on the light blue link above. Thank you Marsha Parish for putting this together. It is so good and true ~Todd

Caleb, Joshua, and The Ten Spies

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