Something I shared on a social media site the other day that I think is worth sharing with other parents in the same boat. God is with us and will sustain us through all of the trying times.

Nothing prepares you for having kids. The joy, frustration, exhaustion. Just when you think you are getting the knack of the whole parenting thing, they change. It is constant consequences, constant affection, constant attention. It feels like with 2 young kids, I’m NEVER going to feel rested, renewed, or relaxed again. But this is my season to serve and minister to them. This is my season to give up all selfishness. This is my season to realize that the good and not-so-good in them comes from me–and I have to deal with my own not-so-good. This is hard. But this season is flying by and the desperation for it to end is met head on with the joy of watching these little boys grow. So tonight, I relax and pray to the Lord that I don’t screw them up too bad.